From C cores to toroid cores, we offer high-quality solutions for transformers, inductors, and other electronic devices.

Transformer Cores

Transformer core are the crucial component in electrical transformers, serving as the magnetic pathway to transfer energy between input and output windings. It typically consists of layers of thin, high-permeability material, such as silicon steel, arranged to minimize energy loss through eddy currents and hysteresis.

Cores-C Core

FeSi C Core

C Core are commonly employed in power supplies, inverters, converters, and magnetic amplifiers. Additionally, they find applications in electrical distribution systems, telecommunications equipment, and renewable energy systems such as solar inverters and wind turbines.

Cores-FeSi E Core

FeSi E Core

E core are particularly suitable for applications requiring high efficiency and compact size. Due to their unique shape, E cores offer excellent magnetic properties, making them ideal for use in transformers, inductors, and other magnetic components.

Cores-FeSi Laminate Core

FeSi Laminate Core

FeSi Laminate Core are commonly used in applications requiring high magnetic permeability and low core losses. They are ideal for use in transformers, inductors, and other magnetic components where efficiency and performance are paramount.

Cores-FeSi Toroid Core

FeSi Toroid Core

FeSi Toroid Core are well-suited for applications requiring high magnetic flux density and minimal electromagnetic interference (EMI). They are commonly used in transformers, inductors, and chokes where space-saving design and efficient magnetic coupling are essential.

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